Medina Rose Collection I Miniature Roses (DEFECT)

Miniature Roses
Fringe: Gold
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The Prayer Mat is a brand of worship products that is very concerned with customer satisfaction. We always strive to make sure customers receive the perfect product.

Every product collection released by The Prayer Mat will go through a rigorous Quality Inspection process. Typically, the ‘defect’ rate for each collection is around 5%. Therefore the defect rate can be classified as small.

Therefore, we took the initiative to offer this collection of products with minor defects to existing customers at very special prices.



Commonly Defect: 

  • Untidy seams on the edges
  •  There is a dirty impression
  • The thread is interested
  • There is a colored thread
  • Untidy thread
  • Not enough thread
  • The cut of the prayer rug is not to scale

Small, yet distinctive, Miniature Roses flower with abundance and give off a delicate yet spicy fragrance.

The details of the product;

Thickness: 8mm
Material: Cotton and polypropylene yarn
Size Dimension: 110*70cm
Pile Points: 1.9 mil
Color: Cream
Manufacturer: Mada Carpet Company
Country of Origin: Madinah, Saudi Arabia


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