Al-Raudah Oil Musk 3ml

Al-Raudah Oil Musk 3ml
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Al-Raudah Oil Musk 3ml

Raudah Perfume Oil is commonly used by both men and women and is applied directly to the skin. It is known for its strong and long-lasting fragrance, and is often used in religious and ceremonial occasions. Some people also use it for its alleged therapeutic properties, such as its ability to relax the mind and promote feelings of well-being.



Ingredient: Flowers, spices, and woods.

Volume: 3ml

Each product comes in box


The benefits of Rawdha perfume oil to humans are largely related to its fragrance and its potential therapeutic properties. Many people enjoy the strong and long-lasting scent of Rawdha perfume oil, and find that it helps them feel more confident and attractive.

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